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How Ted Lasso Celebrates the Power of Athletes & Mental Health

There are a lot of reasons you should be watching the Apple TV+ breakout hit Ted Lasso. The critical acclaim. The optimism. The unanimous appeal of Roy Kent. But one of the biggest reasons is the show’s timeliness. While the… Continue Reading →

God Friended Me: Why You Should “LIKE” the CBS Drama

God Friended Me centers on Miles, a self-proclaimed atheist who runs “The Millennial Prophet,” a podcast where he dissects religion, faith and the universe at large. One day, he receives a friend request from a user named God and after… Continue Reading →

Criminal Minds: Evidence Proving Season 14 Should Happen

The Season 13 finale of Criminal Minds brought the series to its 299th episode, and left the life of a fan-favorite character in jeopardy. So, with the fate of the show still very much up-in-the air, here’s evidence on why… Continue Reading →

What #Girls Got Right About Female Friendships

A lot’s been said about the series finale, and let’s face it, the series of #Girls. There’s been much debate about how accurate, or inaccurate, the series was about being a millennial woman.

‘This Is Us’ Finale Recap: This Isn’t What Fans Deserved

Let’s make one thing clear: I was not expecting us to learn how Jack died in the This Is Us finale. Did I think maybe we’d get another piece of the puzzle? Sure. Get a better look at the big… Continue Reading →

Six Lessons From #Girls About Your 20s

In honor of the start of sixth and final season of Girls on Sunday, here are six lessons these complicated, selfish, sometimes completely relatable women, have taught us about navigating your 20s (with a little recapping of season 5 weaved in). You’re welcome.