One of the best parts about a good night out, is recapping it with your friends the morning after. Well, a good night of TV is no exception. If you think about it, the parallels are actually kind of crazy. There are hook ups. Unexpected exists. Decisions that have consequences. Curveballs you never saw coming. Sometimes your memory of the night is perfect. Other times you need someone to help fill in the gaps. Sometimes you remember the night completely… and that’s exactly why you need to talk about it. Enter: About Last Night. It’s a morning after that lasts all day long. A place for us to recap what went down. To discuss the night’s big moment. To share our favorite parts.

This blog is a chance to keep indulging in everything that happened on TV the night before — and to do it without the hangover. Or lets be honest, the guilt. You’re allowed to be upset about your favorite character leaving a show. It’s okay that you didn’t see the moment that has the internet buzzing. That’s where I come in. To crack open the discussion just like we were cracking open a bottle. Simply put? I’m here to make sure we talk About Last Night.