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5 Ways Station 19 Feels Right At Home On Shondaland

#TGIT’s newest edition to its popular lineup was Station 19, a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff starring Jana Lee Ortiz and Grey’s favorite Jason George. The show follows Andy Herrera (Ortiz), a Seattle Firefighter as she navigates the job, life, and relationships… Continue Reading →

The Mayor: Series Premiere Recap

What would you do if you woke up to find out that someone who had no real political experience, got voted into office? LOL hard to imagine, right? But what if this time it was funny? Well, thanks to ABC’s… Continue Reading →

What ‘Girls’ Got Right About Female Friendships

A lot’s been said about the series finale, and let’s face it, the series of #Girls. There’s been much debate about how accurate, or inaccurate, the series was about being a millennial woman.

The Affair is back, and so are Noah’s demons

The Affair came back and found Noah out of prison, but still feeling a little imprisoned by his demons. We catch up with him, and his grizzly beard, as he’s preparing for his father’s funeral. Helen, because she still somehow… Continue Reading →

Series Premiere: This Is Us

With literally millions of views on just the trailer, you could say people were excited for the series premiere of This Is Us. And so when it aired, people were wondering if it lived up to the hype. Well, spoiler… Continue Reading →

Grey’s Anatomy: A Check-Up Before Premiere

ABC already did the whole “TGIT withdrawals” campaign, so I won’t make any medical puns there, but chances are some of you probably forgot some of the things that went down on the Season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy :: cough :: I… Continue Reading →

The Verdict: The Night Of

In case you needed another reminder that summer is almost over, one of the season’s buzziest shows came to an end. After eight weeks of “did he” or “didn’t he” (a drama’s version of “will they?” or “won’t they”) they finally… Continue Reading →

#WCW: 5 Ladies I Can’t Wait to Reunite with this Fall

In case you needed any more reason to feel like this summer flew by, Fall TV is back in juuust about one month. Meaning my regular routine of wine and sweatpants is almost a reality again. So, to mourn celebrate, here are… Continue Reading →

The Family: Series Finale

The season finale for #TheFamily was appropriately titled, “What took you so long?” It’s ironic because as a viewer, it was the question I’ve been asking my TV screen for quite some time. Here’s why.

When Fantasy Gets Real

Each week, thanks to the power of TV we easily travel to places we could never find on a map. While sitting on our couches we get transported to the foggy town of Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries. Or… Continue Reading →