ABC already did the whole “TGIT withdrawals” campaign, so I won’t make any medical puns there, but chances are some of you probably forgot some of the things that went down on the Season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy :: cough :: I did :: cough :: so consider this a little check-up. And by check-up I mean a chance to remind you of the status of alllllll of Grey’s relationships before new episodes return next Thursday. Now about that cough…

Vision: The future is looking pretty good for Jackson and April

And that’s because these two are finally starting to see things clearly. After a season full of drama, these two seem to finally be on the same page. It helps that the baby they were fighting about was born and born healthy… for now.  Look, I’m no doctor, but delivering a baby on a kitchen table is bound to cause some complications. Plus it’s just plain old unsanitary. But I’m crossing my fingers that these two find a way to consciously couple and co-parent together. Mainly because I was kind of tired of the whiplash from their relationship. But really it’s because I want to see Jesse Williams holding a baby at least 2x an episode this season.

Weight: Ben is feeling lighter than ever

Our man Ben is probably feeling a lot better now that the burden he’s been carrying is officially off his shoulders. After weeks of sleeping on the couch because Bailey is the chief in the hospital, and apparently at home, too, Ben has finally found redemption. When April went into labor and everything that could possibly have gone wrong did, I was a little nervous about Ben cutting into her with a butter knife. And to be fair, the last time he went rogue and delivered a baby, it didn’t end well, but with Bailey’s words of encouragement he was successfully able to save April’s baby, her life, and let’s be real: his marriage to Bailey.

Height: Arizona proves you can still grow as an adult

You could definitely say both Callie and Arizona grew up this season. After the custody battle that wouldn’t end —and caused them to act like children — it finally did. And kind of on a “meh” note if I’m being honest. Callie and Arizona battled it out for custody of Sophia in pretty much every episode of the season. And then it was just… over. It was over in what was later revealed as Sara Ramirez’s  (Callie’s) final episode. So Callie’s big goodbye, after a heart-wrenching arc, was Arizona showing up at the door with two plane tickets and the green light for Callie and Sophia to go to the Big Apple. Just like that. Bai. For a character that has survived the death of a loved one, a car accident, hospital shooting, and countless other things, it felt like a half-assed goodbye to a fan-favorite character. Even Izzie got more than that, and fans (and let’s face it, Shonda Rhimes) hated her. But at least she got what she wanted… even if some of the fans didn’t.

Heart rate: Fast due to a lot of activity. And by activity, I mean that of the sexual kind.

You know what they say, “The best way to get over your dead husband is to get under someone who kind of looks just like him!” And Meredith did. Four times if you were paying attention. And to that I say, DO YOU, Mer. You are the sun and you deserve to make questionable decisions with or without tequila as your excuse. It’s your world and we’re all just living in it. But anyway, throughout the episode the writers wanted us to question if this thing between Meredith and Riggs was more than just sex, but then in true Grey’s fashion, they gave us a new little love triangle! ‘Cause what is love without one?! Just when you were getting all excited for [insert Meredith and Riggs’ couple name here], Maggie had to go and whisper that she had a thing for him, and that maybe, just maybe, he liked her, too. Nothing like some good ‘ol fashioned sibling rivalry to win someone’s heart to kick off next season, amirite? Here’s hoping we’ll get the 2016 version of “Pick me. Choose me. Love me” sometime in the near future. Or ya know, not.

Lungs: Clear. Despite moments of panic from Amelia before marrying Owen

In a surprise that came to no one, Amelia had cold feet before marrying Owen. To be fair, no one from her family was able to come and support her. Her mom and sisters were busy. Derek’s dead. And she overhead Meredith telling Owen that Cristina would always be the love of her life. So homegirl understandably had some reservations, but Meredith promises to be “her person” and be her family. It took those words and some slurpees, but Amelia made it back to the church to say “I do” to Owen.

Blood Pressure: High. Very, very high thanks to Karev.

Last, but not least, we have Karev and Jo. A couple I really don’t care much about, but deal with because after all of the nut-jobs Alex has dealt with in 12 years, he seems happy. You know, as happy as someone can be when they’re with someone who has repeatedly said they don’t wanna marry you. But at least we finally found out why. Jo was married to a man who abused her so she ran away, changed her name, and started at new life in Seattle. My main question after learning this was: who does the background checks at Grey-Sloan hospital that a lady who doesn’t really exist is operating on humans. They should be fired. Either way, Jo finally made her revelation, but naturally it wasn’t to Karev…but to DeLuca. And after she was basically too drunk to function. So being the sweetheart that he is, DeLuca brought Jo back to her apartment to make sure she got home safe. Naturally, this was when Karev decided to show up, to find Jo and DeLuca in a harmless, but very inappropriate-looking, situation. Then, because this is Alex we’re talking about and he’s changed, but like not really, he decides to beat the shit out of DeLuca…and based off the previews for the season premiere — it doesn’t look good.

The prognosis: For once in Grey’s Anatomy’s 12 seasons, viewers weren’t really left with a cliffhanger or a question they are dying to have answered, so what’s in store is still very much TBD. With that said, there are things that will be played out during the season from the casualties of this potential new love triangle, to whether a moment of rage will cost Karev is career. Guess we’ll find out on the season premiere in just ONE week.