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Revenge Recap: Two Graves

  On Sunday we said #GoodbyeRevenge and all the characters we’ve grown to love and hate. But more importantly, we figured out who filled the episode-title ‘Two Graves’ let’s give in. Let’s dig in!

Revenge Recap: Plea

With only one episode of the series, #Revenge looked to start tying up loose ends with its penultimate episode. Did it succeed? Let’s dig in.

Revenge Recap: Aftermath

Last night’s #Revenge began with Emily literally standing in the wreckage of everything she boht intentionally and unintentionally caused. Let’s dig in!

Revenge Recap: Burn

On last night’s episode of #Revenge we saw Amanda continue to deal with the aftermath of revealing her true identity and yet another major character (seemingly) met her demise. Let’s dig in.

Revenge Recap: Exposure

Sunday’s episode of #Revenge was one that felt more like a series finale, than a regular episode. The world dealt with the repercussions of Emily’s big reveal, and Emily adjusted to life as Amanda Clarke again. So let’s dig in.

Revenge Recap: Clarity

On last night’s episode of #Revenge, Emily made an announcement that can change the course of her life, and the show, forever. What was it? Let’s dig in.

Revenge Recap: Loss

Last night’s #Revenge led Emily to finally consider the question fans have been wondering for a long time: is it time to officially put a stop to her vengenance? But above all, will she do it? Let’s dig in. 

Revenge Recap: Retaliation

  On the latest episode of #Revenge, Margot made another attempt at getting retaliation on Emily…and she may have finally found her weak spot. Let’s dig in!

Revenge Recap: Bait

Revenge is back and there’s been yet another death while we were away: Edward Grayson a.k.a. Conrad’s father. So what does this mean for our friends in the Hamptons? Well, it means Victoria is about to come into some money…. Continue Reading →

Revenge Recap: Kindred

The episodes started with Emily and Nolan setting up for the #LolanWedding. Seriously, take a minute an imagine the instagram photos on that hashtag. Anyways, Em has graciously opened her doors to host the ceremony for her BFF and his… Continue Reading →