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On Sunday we said #GoodbyeRevenge and all the characters we’ve grown to love and hate. But more importantly, we figured out who filled the episode-title ‘Two Graves’ let’s give in. Let’s dig in!

Still chilling in her jail cell, Amanda is met with some bad and devastating news: Ben is dead. It appears as if he died at home, but even from behind bars Amanda knows there’s more to his death than meets the eye. So, she enlists her lawyer to get her in front of the judge where she makes a shocking confession to the court: she pleads guilty to killing Victoria Grayson. Why would she do this? Well, being accused of murder would have her moved to maximum security prison—the exact place she needs to be for Nolan and Jack to break her out.

Over in NYC, Victoria strides into the magazine headquarters (dressed like a construction worker) to meet with Margot who is hooking her up with a place to stay and a new identity. The irony of this moment is not lost on Victoria. This whole thing started with Emily changing her identity, and now Vic is going to have to do the same. During this meeting, she finally gives Margot (and us viewers) a little more information about the body of Mary Gaines. Turns out, it was her mother. You see, the night Amanda made her announcement, Victoria got an unexpected call to visit her mother in the hospital, where their terrible mother-daughter dynamic was once again brought to light. Victoria finally finds out who her father was (one of the guys who raped her) and so when her mother takes her final breath, Victoria knows she now has the body she needs to set her plan in motion.

With Amanda’s prison break officially completed, her and Jack head to Mary Gaines’ house to look into Ben’s death a little further. While they’re there, they find remnants of blood and with that determine that Ben was killed there, not at his house. But that’s not all she finds. While snooping around the bedroom she finds a photo of Victoria and her mother and that’s when all the pieces come together for her. Then when she  finds a toothbrush, she remembers that it was the dental records that confirmed the body that got blown up in Grayson Manor was Victoria. So off Amanda goes (with a wig I’m assuming she just decided to pack for this little trip) to the dentist’s office where she finally finds the proof the needs. The only problem? She left the house and White Gold (a.k.a. Courtney Love) made yet another return at Margot’s request and stabs Jack. Luckily, Nolan had called the police so they get there in time to save him. Amanda sneaks into the hospital in a nurse’s outfit (seriously, she would have the best Halloween costume parties!) to make sure Jack is okay. He is. But viewers watching were the ones who had a problem with their hearts because he had a little conversation with David… which included him asking David for his blessing to marry his daughter. FINALLY!

It was a sweet moment and one that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to viewers watching since Jack and Amanda finally hooked up and sealed the deal. The only thing I could not get behind was the fact that they did it for the first time in Victoria’s dead mother’s bed, but like, to each their own. At least it happened!

Back over in the Hamptons, it’s time for Victoria’s memorial service. Louise can’t figure out how Margot is handling everything so well and delivers a beautiful eulogy commemorating Victoria in front of a small gathering of people. A crowd that did not include her children. Victoria, because she is who she is, is sitting in the back row listening (not creepy at all) and decides that after that speech, Louise deserves to know the truth. So when Margot brings Louise home from the funeral imagine her surprise to see Victoria standing there looking alive and well. Victoria asks her to keep up the charade and continue mourning her, but Louise doesn’t seem as sold on Victoria’s integrity as she once was…and it works in Amanda’s favor. Louise finally joins team #Nemily and confirms to both Amanda and Nolan that Victoria is not only alive, but that she knows where she is, and Amanda is officially ready to end this once and for all.

In a scene that was four seasons in the making, Amanda walks into the room where Victoria is staying.  When Vicotoria realizes that it’s Amanda, you see the surrender on her face. When Amanda raises the gun, with her finger on the trigger, you see the determination on hers. Then just as she’s about to pull it, a shot is fired, bringing Victoria to the ground. But it wasn’t Amanda who shot it. It was David! After everything she’s done for him, he didn’t want her to spend the rest of her life in jail. While the two are coming to terms with what he just did, Victoria is able to grab hold of the gun Amanda was holding and shoot Amanda in the back leaving her bleeding in her father’s arms.

While all this is happening, Nolan is again looking for his purpose—and this time he wants to prove he can handle things on his own. So, he goes to Margot and shows her the damage she has caused. Seeing the photos of Ben lying dead on the table seems to really make her realize that she’s gone too far. So, she decides to work with Nolan on getting White Gold arrested, and then decides to stay at the scene of the crime to serve her time in jail for the role she’s played in all of this.

The episode ended with a flash-forward. We learn that Amanda survived, but is being haunted by the repercussions of her journey for revenge. They come in the form of a nightmare where the person who donated their heart to save her, came from Victoria. It’s a nice and symbolic touch that shows that the journey may be over, but that she will forever carry the Graysons with her.

Then, on a lighter note, she literally sailed off into the sunset with Jack after their wedding. Carl was the ring barer. Charlotte was her maid of honor, and it was beautiful. It was exactly what fans shipping the pair wanted in the end. But it was also bittersweet because it was Nolan, not David, who walked her down the aisle. After getting compassionate release from prison, David passed away in his home with Amanda there with him. Then, as what is technically a wedding present for Nolan who, let’s face it, kind of deserves one, Amanda sent him a young man looking to seek vengeance for his wrongly convicted mother. And with that the cycle for Revenge continues… infinity, times infinity.

Some leftovers: were you excited that Jack and Emily finally got together? Were you pleased that David shot Victoria instead of Amanda? Were you shocked Margot turned herself in? Would you want a Nolan spin-off? Were you satisfied with the way the series ended?