On last night’s episode of #Revenge, Emily made an announcement that can change the course of her life, and the show, forever. What was it? Let’s dig in.

The episode started with Victoria really wanting the groundbreaking for Daniel’s wing to go through, but the board scheduled a hearing to determine whether they’re gonna go through with it due to all of the negative publicity. It partially has to do with Emily being in the room, but she makes it known (again) that she is in favor of the wing, even though Victoria is doing her fair share of victim-shaming. The board ends up not moving forward with memorializing the wing in Daniel’s name and in her fury, Victoria lets it slip that Emily has the blood of not only her son, but now her grandchild as well on her hands. Obviously Emily knows that isn’t literally true, but you can tell the news truly affects her. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Ben is seemingly ready to take his and Emily’s relationship to the next level.Turns out all these latest cases and breakthroughs fast-tracked him to the career he always wanted: he’s officially a detective. His brother is coming to town to celebrate the news and Ben wants Emily to met him at his promotion party. So Em is officially meeting the fam. No big deal. But of course no news can be good news when Victoria is in the vicinity and she casually walks into the men’s locker room at the precinct and lets Ben know that she knows more than he thinks: she knows that he helped Emily out.

Over at the most recent Hampton’s newlyweds, Louise is back from Lyman’s funeral, but she apparently brought back a bit of news with her: she wants a baby in their ‘open and honest’ marriage. Lady is seriously still delusional.  Nolan tells her he’ll think about it, but it’s clear he’s got something else, someone else on his mind— the social worker from Jack’s case. Louise calls him later on that night to check in and Nolan lets it go to voicemail, why? In all honesty he just doesn’t want his date getting ruined. The date is pretty cute, they’re sitting on the beach by the fire. Apparently a news reporter thought the same thing because it’s documented in one of Louise’s gossip blogs. So now she knows that Nolan has been lying to her. To make matters worse, Victoria goes to Louise’s house to ‘offer her her condolences’ and help her pack up Lyman’s things, but Louise isn’t as dumb as she looks. She knows Victoria was really there to try and find the flashdrive. But Vic leaves her with some doubt about what Nolan was really up to the night Daniel died. 

Finishing off this storyline, Jack checks in with Nolan to see if he’s finally told his wife that he doesn’t want a baby. Nolan admits that he hasn’t and tells Jack he feels like he owes Louise something. Why? He tells him the truth about what really happened between Louise and Lyman that night and how she did it to essentially protect him. Naturally, Louise was lurking behind a corner and heard everything…with her bionic hearing. Eventually, Nolan comes clean and the two decide to end their marriage but they will still be besties. You know, because that’s something that’s possible.

Now to the good stuff. Remember how I mentioned that Emily was truly affected by Margot losing her child? She also is starting to relate to Margot’s cause. She may not agree with how she’s been going about it, but she knows what it means to want to clear the name of someone you care about. Simply put: she’s ready to put the revenge behind her. And she has a plan. The only problem is she’s gonna need Jack’s help…and since Jack and Emily have been the captains of team awkward lately, this could really go either way.

So, what’s the plan you ask? She’s going to restore Daniel’s good name and tell the truth. Or at least part of it. She wants to reveal to the world how he took a for her bullet and saved her life from Malcom Blackwell (kind of true). The problem? Jack already testified about what he saw this night, so now he can be charged for obstruction of justice. Jack is genuinely considering her request when Stevie interrupts them and lays into Emily. She calls Jack her collateral damage. Jack doesn’t think it’s fair how his mother is talking to her, but she reminds him that he comes from two alcoholic parents and warns him to make sure Emily is not his scotch. Wise words, mama. They seemed to resonate with Jack too because he shows up at Emily’s and tells her he won’t do it, so Emily’s plan is seemingly over. She goes to see Nolan to see if he can do anything to erase Jack from her narrative so she can go forward with her plan, but he can’t do anything about what people have already heard. She tells him she just wants to do some good and he tells her Emily Thorne wasn’t made for good. But was Amanda Clarke? We’re about to find out.

Ben is kinda mad at Emily that she was going to publicly change her story without telling him, especially when it affects his career too, and she tells him he doesn’t know what it’s like to live between two words. She explains that there’s so many things she can’t undo but this one tiny lie she can. He tells her that he sees her and that’s not a lie and hopes she’ll come to the promotion party with his brother tonight. The three of them did look all chummy earlier in the episode, drinking beers and sharing their life stories. Of course the story Emily was telling was complete bullshit, which can always put a damper on things.

The episode ended with Margot telling her sidekick to tell the women he hired to hurt Emily that her plan is off. She wants no more blood on her hands. Apparently her sidekick can’t do much, so calling this woman off her mission is something Margot has to do in person..and with a threat. While this is all happening, Emily is on her way to the hospital wing groundbreaking when Jack emerges (dapper as all hell) from the shadows. The two walk hand in hand  (yay!) to the podium where Emily finally tells the world what happened. She shares how Daniel saved her life while being attacked by Malcom Black, but her news conference isn’t done there. She has one more secret that she is ready to tell. So with the cameras rolling and the lights flashing, she says the sentence that has been four seasons in the making: “I am David Clarke’s daughter. I’m Amanda Clarke.” And with Margot watching in shock, Victoria clouded by anger, and Jack smiling in full support, the screen faded to black and we have two weeks until the next episode.

Some leftovers: Do you think this is the last we’ll see from the woman Margot’s sidekick hired? Do you think Louise is going to end the marriage without a fight? Were you shocked that Emily revealed this to the world or did you think it was finally time?