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What #Girls Got Right About Female Friendships

A lot’s been said about the series finale, and let’s face it, the series of #Girls. There’s been much debate about how accurate, or inaccurate, the series was about being a millennial woman.

Six Lessons From #Girls About Your 20s

In honor of the start of sixth and final season of Girls on Sunday, here are six lessons these complicated, selfish, sometimes completely relatable women, have taught us about navigating your 20s (with a little recapping of season 5 weaved in). You’re welcome.

A Case For Marnie’s Cheating on Girls

The most recent episode of Girls got a lot of people talking. For one, it was an episode solely devoted to Marnie, a character most fans hate. And then it dealt with infidelity. For those keeping score, Marnie married Desi… Continue Reading →