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Insecure: Season 3 Premiere Recap

#Insecure is back and better than ever. Or, at least that’s what Issa, Molly & co. are trynna be. “Know better, do better” was a key theme throughout last night’s premiere, and let’s just say it looks like these ladies… Continue Reading →

What #Girls Got Right About Female Friendships

A lot’s been said about the series finale, and let’s face it, the series of #Girls. There’s been much debate about how accurate, or inaccurate, the series was about being a millennial woman.

A Case For Marnie’s Cheating on Girls

The most recent episode of Girls got a lot of people talking. For one, it was an episode solely devoted to Marnie, a character most fans hate. And then it dealt with infidelity. For those keeping score, Marnie married Desi… Continue Reading →