#Insecure is back and better than ever. Or, at least that’s what Issa, Molly & co. are trynna be. “Know better, do better” was a key theme throughout last night’s premiere, and let’s just say it looks like these ladies (and dudes) still got a long way to go. Let’s break it down.

The episode picked up with Issa still sleeping on Daniel’s couch, and with their situation still as confusing as ever. Case in point? The opening scene is Daniel getting…intimate with a girl he’s seeing, while Issa awkwardly hears from her bed (aka the couch). Clearly no roomie code has been established.

Luckily for her, she’s got an excuse to leave the house: home girl is a Lyft driver. A 5-star Lyft driver at that. Lady has Capri Sun at the ready, and selects her passengers based off how good-looking they are — as one does. Seriously though, when Nathan got in her backseat, it was officially a Lyft Partyyyy. Her words, not mine.

When she’s not on Lyft dut, she’s manning the phones at We Got Y’all. If you remember, last year Issa got benched from the field, and is now stuck at a desk job. She tried to show some initiative by finding out why some schools from last year, didn’t re-up with the non-profit, but that just landed her in more hot water with her boss. So much for doing better.

Speaking of, Molly is officially back in L.A. after some much deserved R&R away from work. Over breakfast with Issa, she talked about how she’s ready to do better, too. She’s starting by putting the men in her life in place with a little “bloop” and a little “blam.” Again, her words, not mine. We start to think this extends to her relationship friendship with Dro because she finally sets some ground rules, but spoiler alert: it doesn’t work. It ends with him returning her key, and her kicking him out.

Back over at Daniel’s spot, he and Issa try to navigate their current living situation. Issa asks for a heads up when he’s bringing a girl back,  which fair, but Daniel wants to know why she’s even there in the first place. We don’t really get any answers (this was only Ep 1, after all), but let’s just say this roomie situation is gonna hella awkward if things don’t get better-ish between them soon.

What was your favorite part? Were you missing Lawrence? Excited to see Molly and Issa back together? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.