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Brittany Davis

#WCW: 5 Ladies I Can’t Wait to Reunite with this Fall

In case you needed any more reason to feel like this summer flew by, Fall TV is back in juuust about one month. Meaning my regular routine of wine and sweatpants is almost a reality again. So, to mourn celebrate, here are… Continue Reading →

The Family: Series Finale

The season finale for #TheFamily was appropriately titled, “What took you so long?” It’s ironic because as a viewer, it was the question I’ve been asking my TV screen for quite some time. Here’s why.

When Fantasy Gets Real

Each week, thanks to the power of TV we easily travel to places we could never find on a map. While sitting on our couches we get transported to the foggy town of Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries. Or… Continue Reading →

A Case For Marnie’s Cheating on Girls

The most recent episode of Girls got a lot of people talking. For one, it was an episode solely devoted to Marnie, a character most fans hate. And then it dealt with infidelity. For those keeping score, Marnie married Desi… Continue Reading →

How Do You Feel About Quantico’s Parallel Timelines?

I may be alone in my opinion, but I think ABC’s Quantico does a lot right. It found a way to take a genre of television that had gotten super formulaic and flipped it on its head. How? By playing with… Continue Reading →

TV is changing. This Blog is too.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that TV is always changing. It should come as even less of a surprise, that we as fans change with it. If we’re not gonna be home for our favorite show, we… Continue Reading →

Revenge Recap: Two Graves

  On Sunday we said #GoodbyeRevenge and all the characters we’ve grown to love and hate. But more importantly, we figured out who filled the episode-title ‘Two Graves’ let’s give in. Let’s dig in!

Revenge Recap: Plea

With only one episode of the series, #Revenge looked to start tying up loose ends with its penultimate episode. Did it succeed? Let’s dig in.

Revenge Recap: Aftermath

Last night’s #Revenge began with Emily literally standing in the wreckage of everything she boht intentionally and unintentionally caused. Let’s dig in!

Revenge Recap: Burn

On last night’s episode of #Revenge we saw Amanda continue to deal with the aftermath of revealing her true identity and yet another major character (seemingly) met her demise. Let’s dig in.