NBC’s “so good it (emotionally) hurts” breakout hit #ThisIsUs had it’s season premiere last night and reminded us why we fell in love with the Pearsons in the first place. So, what happened on the long-awaited premiere? Let’s find out.

Kevin: We find Kevin in L.A. where he is being all romantical and proposing…it’s on the set of his movie, but it’s still sweet nonetheless. When his scene wraps the cast and crew surprise him with a cake of his face (so you know it’s gonna be delicious) and then he gets a FaceTime call from Sophie. She’s bummed because she’s not gonna make it out to L.A., but mainly because, surprise: it’s the Big Three’s 37th birthday! Oh what a difference a year makes.

Kevin tells her it’s all good, and makes an eerily relevant joke about the Kardashians multiplying, but you can see he’s upset. Thankfully, he’s still got his twin (and her +1) to celebrate with.  Luckily for him, Sophie is able to eventually come and surprises him towards the end of the episode.

Kate: Is ready to step into the spotlight! After deciding last season that she wanted to follow in Mandy Moore her mother’s footsteps and pursue singing, she is preparing for her first audition. She tries on an outfit, which Toby gives an A+ and then just as it looks like they’re gonna enjoy some sexy-time, Kevin barges in. This is not why Toby gave you that spare key, Kevin! Kevin gives Kate his two pennies about her outfit, even though she and Toby already agreed on her current look, and changes. You can sense by Toby’s face that this is gonna be a trend.

At the audition, Kate sees a bunch of size zeroes in mini-dresses and bails — without telling Toby. The two of them meet Kevin (who at this point is still flying solo) at a restaurant that he rented out just for them. This is where Kate drops the bomb that she didn’t even audition and the bigger bomb that she told Kevin first. Toby storms out and Kevin eventually follows. The two argue about what (and who) it is that Kate really needs, when Kate shows up and shuts ’em both up. She is a 37-year old woman and she is gonna go wipe the floor with those skinny ass bitches. Preach.

At the audition 2.0 she gets them to allow her to audition even though it’s over (Oh, TV magic!) and she sings a couple bars before being cut off. Tired of being dismissed, she goes off on the casting agent telling them that just because she doesn’t “look the part” doesn’t mean the slot should be given to someone skinny broad who is less talented. At which point, said skinny broad steps up to the mic and SANGS. The casting agent tells Kate it has nothing to do with her size, it’s about her talent. Some people would be upset by this. Kate is happy. This is something she can do…and it will have nothing to do with her weight.

Toby and Kevin also seem to come to an understanding. Kevin tries to explain that he and Kate have literally gone through life side-by-side. He says how he isn’t the most talented actor, but he has always been the hardest working. Except for when it came to the role of Kate’s brother. He was just always good at that. There also seems to be a feeling of Kevin owing this to her, because we learn that it was Kate who had to tell him that Jack died when they were kids. Toby, because he’s great, says he understands Kevin can’t just cut the cord…but he does need that cord to stretch a little. #Compromise.

Randall: Our newly minted Emmy winner is having an extreme case of baby fever. Ever since he and Beth decided to adopt, it’s all he can think about. We later learn that this still isn’t a mutually agreed upon decision, as Beth calls it for what it really is: he just wants to replicate his story. She makes it very clear where she stands on the situation in the present, but also via a flashback with William.

Sitting at a park, she talks about how Randall always does what he wants. He invited William to stay with them without asking. Same thing with Kevin. But William points out that one of these situations turned out pretty well for them..and it’s all because of Randall’s stubbornness. Side note: I’m loving that Beth is already getting so much more screen time and hoping it continues throughout the season. She’s the perfect counterbalance to Randall, something Randall acknowledges later on, too.

You see, Randall isn’t used to him and Beth not being on the same page, so he turns to Rebecca for help. She shares the real story of how Randall came to be part of their lives. Jack pushed her to do it. He pushed a stranger on her, that eventually became the son she loves very much. She also tells him that her marriage to his father wasn’t perfect. This seems to be an ‘AHA’ moment for Randall. He comes home and tells Beth that he doesn’t want what his parents have, because their marriage is perfect. Well, imperfectly perfect. Swoon.

Beth seems to be on board with that and asks him to go somewhere with her. She takes him to the same park we visited with her and William in the flashback, and opens Randall’s eyes to a new possibility. His life worked out beautifully, but that may not be the case if they adopt a newborn. So, as they look at a group of teenage boys drinking, she asks him to go all in. Why don’t they adopt a young man who could actually use them?

Jack and Rebecca: In the past storyline, we pick up right after Jack and Rebecca’s fight in the finale (which we also learn that young Randall witnessed). Rebecca pulls up to pick up the kids and they’re all extremely confused to see her behind the wheel. The last time they saw her, she was supposed to be no tour. She promises to explain everything with Jack, who is waiting for them at a local diner.

They explain what happened to the kids, but stress that they’re just spending some time alone for a couple days. Kate storms off, Kevin is sent after her, and Randall is asked to give them a minute. Jack tries to comfort his wife saying “We’re gonna be okay,” but she is having none of it. She is still too disappointed in him. And as we all know, disappointment is so much worse than anger.

So, this leaves Jack to stay at Miguel’s, where he refuses to have sheets put on the pullout couch because that makes it feel permanent. He has faith that Rebecca is gonna call. To try and make amends, he even drives back to the club to try and negotiate her job back as a solo act. It’s a cute gesture, but it doesn’t work. Rebecca on the other hand is trying to maintain a sense of normalcy at the house with the kids (who are giving her the silent treatment). Her solution? A Tom Hanks movie. Rom-coms for the win.

It’s after the movie that Jack and Rebecca finally come face to face. She tells him she is not ready to talk about what went down yet, but that she shouldn’t have let him leave. That’s not what they do. That’s not who they are. But Jack cuts her off. He tells her she doesn’t really know him. She goes to protest this, but he stops her by telling her he’s drunk right now. That he’s been drunk for weeks. Jack is an alcoholic, and even though her tough love back in Season 1 helped him get it under control for a while, that’s simply not the case anymore. He closes the door in her face. But then there is another knock. Rebecca meant what she said. She is not letting him leave. They are gonna get through this together. In a few months everything will be fine. “We’re gonna be okay.” Famous last words.

The episode ends with Rebecca driving home with a plastic bag of Jack’s things on the backseat. Is she coming from the police station? The morgue? We don’t know yet, but we do know something. When Rebecca finally pulls up to the house, she completely breaks down. Why? The house has been ravaged by a fire. Was Jack inside? Was he the cause? Did Kate (like she said in Season 1) really play a role? Looks like we’ll be getting those answers this season.

Think you have the answers? Wanna share your theories? Sound off below.