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Grey’s Anatomy: Goodbye, Karev

Last week we said goodbye to yet another Grey’s OG, Alex Karev. Fans were eagerly awaiting to see how his character would say goodbye, since Justin Chambers made his abrupt departure from the series. So, with the dust settled, and… Continue Reading →

Grey’s Anatomy Delivers One of the Most Powerful Episodes of the Series

Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to powerful, moving episodes. The show, which is in its 15th season, has tackled everything from school shootings and addiction, to trans rights and racism. However, the most recent episode, aptly titled, “Silent All These… Continue Reading →

5 Ways Station 19 Feels Right At Home On Shondaland

#TGIT’s newest edition to its popular lineup was Station 19, a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff starring Jana Lee Ortiz and Grey’s favorite Jason George. The show follows Andy Herrera (Ortiz), a Seattle Firefighter as she navigates the job, life, and relationships… Continue Reading →

The Mayor: Series Premiere Recap

What would you do if you woke up to find out that someone who had no real political experience, got voted into office? LOL hard to imagine, right? But what if this time it was funny? Well, thanks to ABC’s… Continue Reading →

The Family: Series Finale

The season finale for #TheFamily was appropriately titled, “What took you so long?” It’s ironic because as a viewer, it was the question I’ve been asking my TV screen for quite some time. Here’s why.

How Do You Feel About Quantico’s Parallel Timelines?

I may be alone in my opinion, but I think ABC’s Quantico does a lot right. It found a way to take a genre of television that had gotten super formulaic and flipped it on its head. How? By playing with… Continue Reading →

Revenge Recap: Sacrifice

Last night’s episode of  Revenge was called ‘sacrifice’ and it seriously lived up to its name. With two characters getting killed off, and another’s life hanging in the balance, there is A LOT to talk about so let’s dig in!

‘Revenge’ Recap: Reckoning

The season finale of Revenge was,well, mind blowing. Not only did it give us answers to some of the questions we were dying to know, it raised a hell of a lot more questions in all our minds. The number… Continue Reading →

‘Revenge’ Recap: Grief

Last night’s episode of Revenge dealt with the five stages of grief. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. And acceptance. While we all clearly know Emily is taking her grief out in a whole different way, the episode ended with us wondering… Continue Reading →

‘Revenge’ Recap: Legacy

This episode of Revenge appropriately titled ‘Legacy’ was all about the art of the flashback. We got to see Emily back in her Amanda days, and watch as she put the pieces together that set the spark to her vengeful… Continue Reading →