Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill felt like an action thriller. There were guns blazing, and people held up at knife point, and basically a whole lot of crazy. So, lets dig in shall we?

Well, we found out what happened to Dimitri. He’s taken up residence in Dan’s trunk. We also find out that it will be Dan, Julian, and Chris Keller who embark on the mission that is “Bring Nathan Home.” One problem, Julian and Chris have never fired any weapons. Dan Scott doesn’t like that. Cue the boys at target practice where they discuss their game plan. Once darkness falls, they strike. Luckily for Julian and Chris, Dan has scoped out where they’re keeping Nathan. It’s a good thing they have a criminal on their side. Takes one to know one, right?

Someone clearly missing from the dream team is Clay, but his reasoning is totally understandable. You know, the whole remembering he has a son thing? Well, to try and make sense of it all him and Quinn drive to Sarah’s grave where he apologizes to her and vows to do better for her, Logan, Quinn and himself. Ah, the power of love.

While all this is going down, Brooke finds the diner completely trashed. Her two suspects: Tara or Xavier. Tara denies it, and Brooke’s suspicion is confirmed when she sees her counter has been signed with an X. She decides then and there that she’s going to fight back and not let him scare her. This comes in handy because he ends up following her around Tree Hill and lurking in the shadows.

So, we find Brooke alone in a parking garage (why?) and then Xavier  and his knife pay her a visit.  Brooke eventually gets away and hides under a car where he eventually finds her and tackles her down some stairs. Right as he’s about to kill her, he tells her how this was his favorite part when he killed Q. Cue Tara who finally realizes Xavier really is a psycho and tasers him. Brooke gives ‘em a little extra because well, nobody is gonna save him.

Back to operation Nathan, Dan gives both Julian and Chris some jobs. Julian’s first is to cut the lock on the gate so they can drive the car into the yard. It also ends up being his last. Dan locks the doors and tells Julian to go home to his family. See, he can be nice! Chris Keller’s job is to listen for a gunshot from across the warehouse and then create a diversion. Dan’s suggestion? He should sing. He’s already driven away half his fan base. Ha. Chris Keller goes for a more direct approach and impales the guard against a wall with the car. Then we see Dan getting his Terminator on, shooting people left and right.

So, the ring leader finally realizes what was going down, and fires at Nathan all tied up. Wait, what? Yeah that happened. But luckily for us Dan pulled a fast one and put Dimitri under the hood. Whew! Now, Dan and Nathan have to escape but from being held hostage for forever Nathan’s legs are just a little big weak. They have a genuine father-son moment that’s interrupted when Dan jumps in front of Nathan and takes a bullet for him. But not before he slips his gun in Nathan’s waistband which comes in super handy when the gun’s pointed back at him. Nate shoots and just as you think they’re home free the stupid dirty cop comes back and it’s Julian to the rescue as he knocks the cop out before he can hurt Nathan.

So, did Dan get his redemption? Do you think he’s going to die? Does saving his son make amends for what he did to Keith?