We’re heading back to the loft! #NewGirl is kicking off it’s seventh and final season tonight, so before we head three years into the future (thanks to the show’s time jump this season) here’s a reminder of where we left off with our favorite roomies.

Last season ended with Jess realizing she was still in love with Nick, and also realizing that because his relationship with Reagan was done, this could be their moment. For those who forgot, Nick is now a YA author who basically wrote a YA series about a will-they-won’t-they couple (aka him and Jess). So, Jess goes to one of his book readings to tell him how she feels, and because this is Nick and Jess and their timing has NEVER been right, walks in just as he’s answering a fan question about how those two characters will never end up together. Jess takes this as a sign and officially decides it’s time for her to move out of the loft. Yes, the loft she’s still been sharing with her ex.

Such a big realization naturally makes you want to run into the arms of your BFF, so she shows up at Cece’s who is waiting for Schmidt so they can have their no-pants dinner. Oh, to be a fly on that wall. Long story short: the no-pants party never happens, but eventually Schmidt comes home and Jess lets him know she’s moving out of the loft, too. Schmidt, who has rooted for them as much as us fans have, tells her she has to tell Nick how she feels, and again, because timing is always a thing, Nick shows up at Schmidt and Cece’s door. Jess literally army crawls across the floor to avoid seeing him, again validating that she needs the move out…like ASAP.

While all this is happening, Aly is officially moving in to the loft. As they are unpacking her boxes, Winston comes across a mugshot of the diaper bandit. Shockingly this is not the most interesting piece of information. On the back of the mugshot is a phone number. Aly found Winston’s dad. He initially doesn’t want to contact him, but in a move to show Jess the power of “being brave,” calls his dad and invites him to his wedding. It looks like Winston is finally ready to meet his pops. Ferguson on the other hand, is gonna need some time.

Winston’s efforts to make Jess be brave don’t really work, and Jess and Cece continue packing. While Cece is being a good bestie and carrying some of the boxes to her car, her phone rings and it’s their OBGYN/bestie. So, Jess nonchalantly picks up and before she can say anything it’s revealed that Cece is pregnant! Jess quickly tells the doc to call back, which she does. Only this time Aly is the one who answers, who then repeats it to Winston, who ultimately (and accidentally) reveals it to Schmidt.

Schmidt finds this out while he’s sitting in the waiting room as Nick meets with a publisher for his book. Before going in though, Schmidt taps into his own BFF duties and forces Nick to realize that he has always been in love with Jess and oh, by the way, she’s moving out as they speak. Nick goes into the meeting with this information, and while there realizes he’s got to get to Jess. He runs out to tell Schmidt, but Schmidt is already gone. Why? He’s busy buying dozens upon dozens of bouquets to surprise Cece and let her know about their little “caramel miracle.”

As if that amount of cuteness wasn’t enough, Nick and Jess give us yet another example of how their timing is always off. Nick runs into the loft just as her moving van is pulling away. But while in the car, Jess hears “Time of my life” and jumps out to run home. Then in a moment that resembles an earlier memory Nick recounted, Jess is trying to get back into the loft…ya know, since she doesn’t have a key anymore. As Jess finally gets in, Nick runs out to the street. As she goes to come down, Nick starts taking the elevator up. Finally, their timing syncs up and the elevator comes to Nick’s floor. As he’s getting in, a delivery guy is taking his sweet-ass time to get out. Nick tells him to hurry because he has to tell his best friend he loves her, and as the guy leaves (and comments on Nick’s sweatiness after all that running) we see Jess waiting in the elevator, smiling. The doors close, and just as the credits roll, re-open to see them finally having their moment.