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New Girl: Roomie Updates From The Loft

We’re heading back to the loft! #NewGirl is kicking off it’s seventh and final season tonight, so before we head three years into the future (thanks to the show’s time jump this season) here’s a reminder of where we left… Continue Reading →

‘Glee’ Recap: Saturday Night Glee-ver

Last night’s episode of Glee got down with the disco glee-ver, or fever. Being inspired by the famous John Travolta film, the Glee clubbers sang some songs from the past in hopes that it would inspire some of ‘em to… Continue Reading →

‘Glee’ Recap: Big Brother

The latest episode of Glee told us the fate of Quinn after a two-month hiatus that felt like for-ev-ver. It also officially made me want to marry into the Anderson family. You know, assuming Blaine was Straight, Matt Bomer and… Continue Reading →

‘New Girl’ Recap: Fancyman Pt. 2

Last night’s episode of New Girl gave us some action between Jess and Mr. Fancyman, and glimpses of the future for Winston and Shelby and where things may be headed for Schmidt and CeCe. Even Nick got some. So let’s… Continue Reading →

‘New Girl’ Recap: Fancyman, Pt 1

Last night’s New Girl reminded us that even though they are all adults, the gang in the apartment are really a bunch of kids at heart. From jealousy over trivia, to one extremely low credit score it appears they all… Continue Reading →

‘New Girl’ Recap: Control

Last night’s episode of ‘New Girl’ showed us just how important it is to not mess with the ecosystem that is Jess, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt’s apartment. There’s a certain level of control that needs to be maintained, and if… Continue Reading →

‘New Girl’ Recap: Injured

In last night’s episode of New Girl it officially confirmed that I would like to be a roommate in the loft. Not only is their chemistry as a group undeniable, last night’s ‘Injured’ just shows how much they have all… Continue Reading →

‘New Girl’ Recap: Bully

Are you ready to party with Havarti? If so, New Girl’s ‘Bully’ was the episode for you. The episode gave us a look into what it is about Schmidt that keeps CeCe in his bed, and was cheesy in just… Continue Reading →