The latest episode of Glee told us the fate of Quinn after a two-month hiatus that felt like for-ev-ver. It also officially made me want to marry into the Anderson family. You know, assuming Blaine was Straight, Matt Bomer and Darren Criss were really related and well, that people in Glee knew I existed. Anyways, let’s dig in.

The episode started off with both Quinn and Artie rolling down the hallways of McKinley singing “I’m Still Standing.” Yes, both of them were rolling. We got the reveal of Quinn’s fate from the whole texting while driving accident and it’s landed her in a wheel chair. She truly feels it’s temporary, and that it’s better than the alternative: being a memorial page in the Year Book. She tells the Glee club that she’s gonna fight this, and doesn’t want their pity, but Rachel can’t help but feel guilty. It was her wedding she was rushing too after all, and her text that she was replying too. Quinn will have no part of it and wants things to be as normal as possible, something made possible thanks to a new found confidant in Artie. This is a pairing I can totally get on board with. I found myself smiling like a fool when those two shared the screen.

Anyways, while the rest of the Glee club is having their senior ditch day at Six Flags, Artie brings Quinn to a skate park filled with kids choosing not to be limited by their conditions. What starts out as being a great day, turns to Quinn adamantly telling Artie that she will walk again. So that’s the real reason she’s so optimistic, she’s in denial. Artie, having a little more experience in that arena, tells her she has to stop hiding from the reality of her situation. Preach, Artie, preach. Later on, Quinn turned to Joe (one of the Glee Project Winner Samuel Larsons) and he helped her see that she has to accept whatever comes, as it comes. His reward? Joining the Glee club. What’s fair is fair, right?

So back to that wedding, it STILL hasn’t happened. Whether it was because of Quinn’s accident, or because they are having second thoughts is something Finchel seemed to be wondering as well. They both still want to get married, but it seems there are some things they have yet to address, like say Finn’s future. And guess who was the voice of reason in that scenario? His old bestie Puck. You see, Puck wants to start his own pool cleaning business in LA because theres like way more pools there than in Lima. And he wants Finn to be his business partner. The only problem is, Rachel wants to be in New York because that’s where her dream of Broadway is. But what about Finn’s dreams? Even Puck noticed that their future seems to be a little one-sided, which prompts Finn to ask the million dollar question to Rachel: is she in love with him, or the person she wants him to be? Rachel has no problem with him giving up everything for her, but is she willing to do the same for him?


While all this is going down, we finally meet another member of the Anderson family: Blaine’s brother Cooper played by the amazing Matt Bomer. Seriously, it makes for one good looking and talented family. Holidays in that household would be amazing. The only problem is, Cooper is super famous for a national commercial and makes sure you know it. Even Sue hopped on that bandwagon, asking him to sign her boob. I’m sure the little girl growing inside of her was so proud. He also constantly makes Blaine feel like he’s not good enough at anything. I’m guessing it didn’t help that everyone and their mother was kissing the round Coop walked on. Comes with the territory I guess. Sibling rivalry is eventually overcame in true Glee form a.k.a. by song. Seriously that rendition of “Somebody I used to Know” has been on constant repeat on my iPod. Cooper tells Blaine that he realizes he’s been a little too tough on him, and just wants them to be more than brothers. He wants them to be friends. Blaine knows he really means it because he didn’t point when he said it. Maybe Blaine should have taught that Acting Master Class. Cooper’s lessons about not making eye contact and not listening to a person you’re in a scene with were completely cray cray. Then again any character who uses the term ‘cray cray’ is okay in my book.

Do you guys think Quinn will ever walk again? Do you like her and Artie together? Should Rachel try it out in L.A?