Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill was the second to last episode, ever. Since our beloved series is coming to a close, it made sense that this episode began tying up all the lose ends that have been frayed over the years. So lets dig in!

The episode focused primarily on Brooke. With Julian trying to perfect the angle for his TV Show centering around B. Davis, Brooke offered him a glimpse of what it was like for her growing up. We got a voiceover as younger Brooke walking up to that infamous red door in her Ravens uniform to a soundtrack of her parents fighting.All she’s ever wanted was to actually be a family. Something that she clearly still wants pretty bad. With her mother having screwed her over in the past, and her dad recently taking yet another company from her. Girls just want someone to want them back, right? Well, family is included. Julian takes it upon himself to confront her Brooke’s dad. Reading how much he hurt her back then, and seeing how much he’s hurting her now. He’s tells him to wake up and just be a father. Simple and to the point, I liked it.

Later when Julian pitches the show, the network decides to buy it. They like what it stands for. It’s not afraid of being quiet and heartfelt and messy. It reminds viewers they’re not alone. Basically, it’s exactly what OTH stands for in real life. After hearing the news, Brooke goes to her mother’s hotel room only to find that she clearly just had a little fun in her bed with someone. Who? Her father. Brooke leaves completely disgusted and asking if it’s possible to poke your minds eye out. Great question.

In the end it all works out okay though,thanks to the return of Tree Hill’s burning boat festival. Brooke decides to throw her diary away because she wants to let go of that part of her life, which was perfect timing since earlier in the day her parents showed up at her house telling her that they aren’t selling Bakerman. In fact they’re going to run it together as a family because it’s what Brooke really wanted. Cue the three of them watching the boat burn, and sitting like a family just as Brooke always wished for.

Also getting what he’s always wished for was Clay. He decorated a room filled with airplanes and comfy spots for comic book reading for Logan who was set to spend his first night with Clay and Quinn. But not before Quinn added a finishing touch: Sarah’s picture. Gotta say, Clay picked a good one in that girl. When Logan finally arrives he sees the ocean from his window which freaks him out. So Clay and Quinn decide to let him test it out. After an unsuccessful attempt they get Logan ready for bed and they can tell he’s a little nervous, and Logan tells them that he loves to camp.

Cut to the three of them snuggled in a tent in their living room until the next day where Quinn gets Logan to come into the water. She tells him how she’s afraid of the ocean too and all that it stands for. Logan is a more literal kind of kid and says he’s just scared of the sharks and stuff. Smart kid. In the end, Quinn bribes him with ice cream which totally would have worked for me too and they splash around in the waves. Later that night, Logan takes a picture of the three of them they took earlier in the day and adds it to the frame with Sarah. Maybe it was seeing the new family they have created, or how great Quinn is with Logan, but it sparks something In Clay. He proposes! Being that it was such an in-the-moment question he doesn’t have a ring, but luckily Logan was pretending to be asleep and was still wearing his Green Lantern light up ring which Clay slides onto Quinn’s finger because of course she said yes!

While all this is going down, the other members of Tree Hill are prepping for and attending that Burning Boat festival. Haley was chosen to host it this year and was slightly stressing about her speech. She makes a stop at Tric to check up on Chase who had an epiphany about what the club actually means to him. Ironically, it also ends up being the 10th anniversary of when it was started. She ends up handing over the keys to Chase making him go from Bartender/Bar Manager, to Bar owner! Yay for happy endings. He also tosses his discharge paper into the burning boat.

Speaking of happy endings, Mouth is finally getting his chance to put his passion for sports and promise to Jimmy to good use. Not only did he become skinny Mouth again, but Millie talked to their station manager and got him a segment all to himself for sports. As for her co-anchor? A ditzy blonde was no good, but luckily for them Skillz has, well, skills, and dazzles the crowd with his reporting on the Burning Boat.

Are you happy Clay and Quinn are going to finally tie the knot? How do you feel about an Unkindness of Ravens being a TV show?