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Brittany Davis

Revenge Recap: Illusion

The latest episode of Revenge was called Illusion, which is perfectly fitting since with this show, things aren’t always as they seem. It’s safe to say this episode was no exception, so lets dig in!

‘Revenge’ Recap: Reckoning

The season finale of Revenge was,well, mind blowing. Not only did it give us answers to some of the questions we were dying to know, it raised a hell of a lot more questions in all our minds. The number… Continue Reading →

‘Revenge’ Recap: Absolution

This episode of Revenge entitled ‘Absolution’ was really all about choices. Many characters were put in situations where the choices they made could ultimately determine their fate. Like say, coming clean and clearing David Clarke’s name forever. So were the… Continue Reading →

Revenge Recap: Justice

The episode starts with Daniel still in his trial and the Grayson’s still trying to figure out how to instill some reasonable doubt in the jurors. With lots of pawns in the game that is Emily’s Revenge, some major moves… Continue Reading →

‘Glee’ Recap: Saturday Night Glee-ver

Last night’s episode of Glee got down with the disco glee-ver, or fever. Being inspired by the famous John Travolta film, the Glee clubbers sang some songs from the past in hopes that it would inspire some of ‘em to… Continue Reading →

‘Glee’ Recap: Big Brother

The latest episode of Glee told us the fate of Quinn after a two-month hiatus that felt like for-ev-ver. It also officially made me want to marry into the Anderson family. You know, assuming Blaine was Straight, Matt Bomer and… Continue Reading →

One Tree Hill Recap: Anyone Who Had A Heart

Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill was the second to last episode, ever. Since our beloved series is coming to a close, it made sense that this episode began tying up all the lose ends that have been frayed… Continue Reading →

‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Danny Boy

Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill was one of the best in a while. Revolving all around the relationships between father and child, it took you on a roller coaster ride of emotions that should lead us straight to… Continue Reading →

‘New Girl’ Recap: Fancyman, Pt 1

Last night’s New Girl reminded us that even though they are all adults, the gang in the apartment are really a bunch of kids at heart. From jealousy over trivia, to one extremely low credit score it appears they all… Continue Reading →

‘Smash’ Recap: The Workshop

Last night’s episode of Smash featured The Workshop to give us a taste of what’s to come for the beloved Marilyn: The Musical.So, Ivy and Co. took to the stage to perform for prospective investors and the end result: it… Continue Reading →