Last night’s episode of Glee got down with the disco glee-ver, or fever. Being inspired by the famous John Travolta film, the Glee clubbers sang some songs from the past in hopes that it would inspire some of ‘em to figure out their futures. So let’s dig in.

With the theme for Nationals being ‘Vintage’ Blaine, Brittany, and Mike open the episode up with a disco number sparking Sue and Schue to realize that this weeks theme should be disco. The inspiration? Saturday Night Fever because it’s kinda parallel to a lot of the kids lives. The down side is the club hates disco. The upside, they love competition. Cue a dance off where the winner gets that infamous white suit.In the end, the winners are: Santana, Mercedes …and Finn. Yeah, you read that right. But it turns out it wasn’t really about the dancing. Makes more sense, right? It was a way to get the three seniors who are unsure about their futures an assignment: pick a song from the movie that symbolizes where they want to go in life.

Mercedes sings ‘Disco Inferno’ because she has the fire in her, she just doesn’t know how to make it happen. She wants to be the next Mariah or Whitney. She wants to touch people with her music and get a record deal. Something tells me she’ll have no trouble doing that. And Sam agrees. He ends up recording her performance and puts it on YouTube. She gets all positive comments and proof she’s the creme of the crop. And what better way to thank Sam for believing in her than a nice little kiss.


Next up is Santana who sings ‘If I can’t have you’ to Brittany. Schue thinks it’s bout her future with Brittany and wanting marriage equality. Even though Santana says she’ll always love Brit, fame will always be her mistress. She just wants to be famous. No matter what she just wants the fame. So, Brittany takes it upon herself to release their sex tape. That’s one way to shoot to fame, right? It makes Santana realize she doesn’t want fame that way, or a reality show even though Brit brought her a bull testicle to eat for Fear Factor. Thankfully, Brit ends up having an actual great idea. They come once every few years. Her and Sue got Santana a full ride to the University of Louisville for cheerleading.

Puck is still trying to get Finn to go to L.A. He admits he wants him there because they’re friends, but it would make it a little less scary. I love vulnerable Puck. It’s also nice to see their bromance again. You know after the whole “I got your girl pregnant thing.” Cue, Ms. Pillsbury, Mr. Schue and Rachel give him tons of college pamphlets, but he throws ‘em away. But, being the father figure that Mr. Schue is he tells Finn he needs to start seeing what everybody else sees and open up about the dream he wants.  After singing ‘More than a woman’ to Rachel he tells her he wants to be an actor and do it in NY at the Actors Studio. Rachel wants to make sure she’s doing it for him because it finally hit her that she hasn’t been focusing on his dreams. He says it’s what he wants because she wants it, and he really wants her too. They realize home for them isn’t a place, but a person, a.k.a each other.

Then, we finally meet the last Glee Project winner. Introducing Wade a.k.a Unique. He’s a member of Vocal Adrenaline and we also got to see Jesse St. James again. Wade, a self described love child of Mercedes and Kurt, couldn’t be more correct. He came to them for advice, he wants to perform as a girl in his next show. Sue encourages Mercedes and Kurt to make him wear shoes that would make GaGa blush to destroy his performance, which they do, but ultimately rush to try and get him to stop. Unique does it despite their warnings and rocks it proving he really is their love child. He’s got Mercedes’ pipes and Kurt’s fearless attitude.

In the end, Mercedes, Santana and Fin all got to wear the white suits. But most importantly, they all now have a new direction (pun intended) for their futures.

Are you happy Finchel is moving to New York together? What’d you think of Wade’s performance?