Last night Revenge returned and came back with a vengeance. Okay, so maybe that’s not so shocking considering the show’s called Revenge, but after a two month hiatus it reminded us why it has us all hooked. So lets dig in!

The episode picked up right where we left off. With Daniel in prison, and with Emily and Grayson’s trying to get him out. Considering it’s the Graysons we’re talking about, they are naturally trying to find someone to shift the blame on. Enter: the hooded man theory. The only problem is that Charlotte can’t give enough details to the sketch artist. Victoria is still hell bent on the idea that Amanda Clark is somehow involved, but due to the partial sketch created, everyone notices it kind of looks like Jack. And Victoria has no problem framing him if it means clearing her son’s name. Shocking, right? Yeah not at all.

Once Emily realized Jack was on the chopping block, she couldn’t separate emotion from logic. With Jack still trying to put the pieces together on the puzzle that is fake Amanda Clark, Emily makes Nolan lead him to Montreal to get him out of The Hamptons while all the chaos is going on. In case that’s not enough, Declan is in full brother mode and will stop at nothing to protect Jack. He proves it by betraying the trust of his pill-popping girlfriend. With the news of so many theories floating around within Daniel’s case, Emily and her mastermind of a brain realize the perfect person to introduce back into the equation: Mason Treadwell. After Mason went to Jack to try and get his side of the story, Declan steps in and  gives him a little exclusive of his own to write about. Charlotte was high the night of Tyler’s murder, which completely destroys any credibility the Grayson’s had. And his relationship with Charlotte. It also went viral on Treadwell’s blog.
Speaking of Mason Treadwell, during a late night chat with an online user he suspects to be Amanda, he’s told to look in the bottom drawer of his desk. There he finds a collection of his tapes that went missing prior to when his home was set on fire leading him to believe he found the true arsonist: Victoria. When he confronts Victoria he accuses her, and when she tries to tell him it will ruin his career, he makes it clear that because of her, he doesn’t really have one left. But at least his conscience will be clear.

Someone who needs a conscience checking, other than Emily of course, is Victoria. She’s obviously not happy with Daniel in jail, so she makes a call to a guy asking for a message to be delivered to Daniel. What you expect to be some sort of ‘hang in there’ message ends up being a brutal ass-kicking delivered by a fellow inmate. Side note: Daniel should be shirtless and scarred at all times. Anyways, as psychotic as it was, it did get Daniel out of prison and placed on house arrest. Unfortunately, Victoria or should I say Vicky Harper, was not there for his homecoming. She was rolling around in the sheets with a man from her past.

While all this is going down, Emily is doing some behind-the-scenes work of her own. After following Victoria to the bar, she returned later on disguised as a brunette and flirted her way to some inside scoop on the Graysons. She ends up recording the conversation, kicking his ass, and tossing a key as she leaves. Unfortunately back at the house, Victoria is still trying to place a little doubt in Daniel about Emily. He was unconscious, she hated Tyler…it could all make sense. But Daniel tells her that if she even tries to bring Emily into this, he’ll admit to the whole thing. And people say chivalry is dead.

Do you think Daniel is beginning to doubt Emily’s whereabouts? What do you think that key was to?