Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill showed us that in its old age, it has not lost the talent of bringing the drama. With revelations that both shocked you, made you cheer, and of course made you cry, last night’s episode didn’t disappoint. In fact, it just set things up for what should be an incredible ride to the finale. So let’s dig in.

Let’s get right to the question that everyone’s been asking: what the hell is Nathan’s fate? Luckily for us, we got that answer right away. And when I say right away I mean in the slowest walk into a morgue ever, an even slower reveal of who was under the white sheet, and some of the best acting done by Haley to date. Thankfully it wasn’t and although Nathan still isn’t home, another Scott is. That’s right, we got the return of Deb, who I swear has never aged.

Also going on in the episode was Brooke realizing that Xavier was out on parole despite her emotional and heartwarming plea to keep him locked up. He spent the episode showing up at Karen’s Cafe ordering his pie, understandably freaking Brooke out and causing Julian, like a true knight in plaid armor, to come to her rescue and threaten him. Aw. Oh, he also wanted to apply for a job. But in true B. Davis fashion Brooke was not having any of it.

Speaking of threatening, we got to see a side of Chase we’ve never seen before. As if he wasn’t good-looking enough, now they’re making him a bad boy? Swoon. After previously noticing that bruise on Chuck, Chase was having reservations about leaving for the Air Force. Chris Keller offered to watch over Chuck, but who are we kidding? It’s Chris Keller. So, Chase took matters into his own hands. Literally. The first time he showed up at the Scolnick’s he threatened the dad, the second time he beat ‘em up with a crowbar. Seriously, that happened. Chase also got taken away in the back of cop car. So, yeah looks like he won’t be reporting for duty anywhere other than Tree Hill prison.

Which of course, brings us to Dan. Still trying to find his son, and probably some redemption from us fans, Dan has a, uh, conversation to try and find some clues. Needless to say it was more of a one-sided conversation. After following his lead he ends up talking to one of his boys on the inside and asks him about a tattoo on his arm. A tattoo that was also spray painted on the wall in the background of Nathan’s last video. The guy starts naming guys until there’s one that rings a bell: Dimitri. Remember the guy who pulled a gun on Quinn and Clay? Yep, that classy guy. Dan and Julian find where he hangs out, and Julian a.k.a. the brains behind the operation, decides they should make a plan. So that’s why he was there.

Clay also had some breakthroughs when it came to his brain. After spending a lot of time with the seriously adorable Logan, his shrink finally gets him to talk about what happened right after Sarah died. After a lot of protesting, and refusing to talk, Clay walks past Logan’s room and it all comes back to him. The thing he’s been shutting out this whole time is that he had a kid. Oh yeah, and it’s  Logan. Whoah. He leaves the facility without Logan in a scene that made my heart hurt and gets ready to tell Quinn what  happened. But she has some news of her own. Her ex-husband got Skillz’ ex-girlfiend Ms. Lauren preggerz. Follow that? So needless to say her problem probably seems a little minor compared to the bomb Clay is about to drop on her.

What do you guys think is Nathan’s fate? What do you think of Chase’s actions? Will Brooke forgive Xavier?