Last night’s episode of Criminal Minds seriously brought the crazy. Appropriate titled ‘A Family Affair, it gave us a group of people that literally kept it all in the family. With Hotch finally taking it to the next step with Erin, his training partner, and an interesting spin on family dynamics, last night’s episode was one for the books. So let’s dig in.

The episode started off hot and steamy. We Jeffrey and a girl, who ended up being a prostitute, trying to get it on but having some uh, difficulties. After pleading with the girl for one more try (he did already pay after all) his last attempt was executed a la a knife and some serious stabbing.

So, the team was flown to the ATL to try and solve the case of prostitutes being dumped in parks. While this scenario isn’t unusual for the BAU, the fact that the bodies were posed definitely caused some intrigue. After examining the dumpsite of the latest victim, Morgan and Reid realized the terrain would make it extremely difficult for the un-sub to dispose of the body. And if Morgan says it, you believe it.

While Reid and Morgan were at the crime scene, JJ and Prentice were talking to the latest victim’s friend. The two used to work the streets together and she was able to remember that a gray van was parked there a lot. It also happened to be a loading zone.

Cut to the most awkward family breakfast ever we find Jeffrey who, surprise! happens to be in a wheelchair. His mom tries to get him to take his pills, which she calls vitamins but Jeffrey knows better. While the pills may help, his trainer Erin is definitely noticing that he’s getting stronger. What’s the secret?Apparently killing prostitutes. So clearly since its working, daddy has to go get him more.

Knowing that he can’t go back to the same site again, he hires Julie who turned out to be a sexual surrogate. Jeffrey ends up stabbing her and while mom and dad are eating and when she comes out all bloody and stabbed they just lock the door and help her to die. Great parenting. Her body gets dropped off and things start coming together for the BAU.

She, like the others, has bruises on her thighs from what they assume to be restraints. They figure out that she helped people with disabilities and all the pieces start falling into place. The un-sub clearly had strong arms from his stabbing, and rolling around in a wheelchair all day definitely makes your arms brolic. It also explained the van. They figure out there are multiple un-subs, and they may be related, but what kind of bond would be capable of this? Parents protecting their child. They also realize it’s probably not the first time. Cue Garcia and her magic ways.

Back at Casa de Crazy, Jeffrey’s trainer is back over for dinner and senses the weird vibes going on. After Jeffrey says he has a headache, she goes to get his pills where she of course knocks down the bottle and discovers a bloody necklace. Cue, his creepy mother standing behind her who knocks her out with a gun. While all this is happening, the dad has just purposefully drove his car into a pole. Why? Because of what Garcia found out.

Five years prior, a girl was stabbed at a university and after using the un-sub’s profile they figure out it’s Jeffrey and his family. They were in an accident when Jeffrey was little, and the mother took the blame for the dad who happened to be two times over the legal limit. Clearly, they never got over it.

Back at the house, Erin is being held at gunpoint by the mother when the team barges through the door and tries to talk the crazy out of her. Instead she goes to shoot Jeffrey and Rossi takes her out. All in a days work.

The next day Hotch is at his race, with the whole team cheering him on. Also there, Beth, his training partner, who had asked if she could come watch and Hotch not only agreed, but wants her to meet Jack. Sound kinda serious. With all the girls hungover from the night before, and Reid cheering on like a kid, the team congratulates Hotch on finishing. Jack and Beth finally meet, and they all go grab some breakfast. A family fair indeed.

How do you feel about Hotch finally moving on? What did you think of the Collins family?