Last night’s episode of Smash was all about being bad, but in aaall the right ways. We got to see a side of Karen we’ve been waiting for since, well, the Pilot, and a side of Ivy that wasn’t very Marilyn, or was it? Oh, and things got even more complicated between Julia and Mike. How interesting? Well, luckily for you, they kiss and I tell! So, let’s dig in shall we?

We all know that part of what makes Marilyn so popular was the fact that she brought sexy back way before Justin Timberlake realized it was gone. Well, last night Karen brought her A-game in more ways than one. When the group was rehearsing ‘Let’s be bad’ Ivy couldn’t get the vibrato right. So, how does Derek choose to fix it? He asked Karen to do that infamous rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ (when she turned down the whole ‘casting couch’ thing) and set up a rehearsal so, wait for it, Karen can help Ivy. Awkward. Safe to say Ivy was not too pleased about that and boy did she make it known. She got all diva on Karen and told us she knows what she brings to the party, and isn’t going to be backing down. Touché Ivy, we expected nothing less.

Speaking of not backing down, Julia and Mike are becoming quite the mutual home-wreckers. After rehearsal they spent some quality time discussing the role of Joe DiMaggio. I guess that’s what the kids are calling it these days. They ended up being so busy staring longingly into the each others’ eyes that Julia ignored a call from a number she didn’t recognize. It ended up being Leo, who got arrested for smoking pot. Only, he really wasn’t he was just there. But he has smoked before. Anyways, since his dad’s out of town, and mom was too busy destroying her marriage, he had to call Tom while he was on his date with the boring lawyer. You know, the one he didn’t really like.  Well, he ended up really appreciating his company when he was able to get Leo out of the situation. One consequence that may not be able to be controlled? How it affects the potential adoption. He told Julia that this should be a wake-up call for her to stop sneaking around. Which she does, temporarily.

Back in the studio, Ivy is having a wee bit of a breakdown. The unimpressed looks shes getting, and self-consciousness she feels about Karen and Derek is really getting to her.  Luckily she’s not alone because Karen’s feeling a bit of jealousy herself when she finally meets R.J who she assumed was a male reporter spending time with Dev. But she’s a she. And a really pretty one at that. That jealousy is only furthered when Karen shows up to his work dinner, after finding her inner sexy to an incredible rendition of A Man’s World. I don’t know what’s more impressive, those killer pipes or that killer body. Either way she learns that she’ll be sitting at a different table than Dev and R.J. Seriously, they couldn’t squeeze in a chair?At her table, Karen gets her Marilyn on being all flirtatious with a male seated next to her. She offers to give him a, uh private show, only to realize it’s Dev’s competition for press secretary. And they now know his identity. So, no show for him, but Dev did get a nice, er, ride back in the limo. All’s well that ends well, right?

Eventually we finally get to see the final product of ‘Let’s Be Bad’ and a lot of the parallels between Marilyn and Ivy are shown. Megan Hilty completely kills it. I could seriously listen to her sing all day. Another thing that’s shown? Ivy’s true feelings thanks to good ol’ alcohol. She ends up on Derek’s doorstep drunkenly asking for the truth, which she bluntly gets, and just when you’re so proud of her for finally standing up to him, she ends up staying the night. What a sucker.

Another person who kinda sucks, Julia. After her little rendezvous with Mike, he shows up at her doorstep just in time for Leo to invite him to dinner. When your son and the man you’re having an affair with are close, you know you have a problem. The problem was magnified when Mike and Julia were sitting on a stoop and Julia, tries to end it. Again. But instead of agreeing, he serenades her. Yeah, because that’s totally fair. Julia still sends him on his way and just when are like, “Yay Julia! You saw the light!” He comes rushing back, grabs her into his arms and the two share a passionate kiss. While they clearly aren’t going to kiss and tell, the fact that Leo saw from his window is definitely gonna give the show some things to talk about. Yep, that can’t be good for adoption either.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? What do you think Leo is going to do? How worried should Ivy be about Karen?