Last night’s episode of ‘Smash’ was appropriately titled Chemistry, and man was there a lot of it. There was chemistry where there shouldn’t be and chemistry where there used to be and lots of other troubles along the way. So, lets dig in!

We all know Ivy has an incredible voice and can do pretty much anything with it. Well, within the first minutes of the episode we heard Ivy’s voice do something we never have: crack. So, after a doctors visit she was diagnosed with an inflamed throat. The solution? Prednisone. Only problem is the drug has some serious side effects. Like say, hallucinating that Karen was in your mirror dressed as Marilyn. Totally normal. Or maybe, lashing out on your director-boyfriend and calling him bad in bed. That one I can be on board with. Derek never even asked her how she was genuinely feeling. All he cared about was that voice.

While all this was going down, it’s safe to say Karen was not hating it. After her bag conveniently spilled so she was perfectly hidden behind the piano in the studio, she overheard everyone talking about how due to Ivy’s throat she may have to step in. This was only furthered when she was performing at a Bar Mitzvah (that was initially Ivy’s) and kept receiving texts from Tom telling her to get prepared, but be discrete. Unfortunately for Karen, Ivy got better and they didn’t need her. But she did get a business card from Bobby Raskin which is apparently a super big deal.

Another big deal? Julia’s hubby returning. You’d think that seeing your husband would maybe make it click that you have to stop seeing Michael. For a while aka like 20 minutes, it looks like it has. Until they are all in the studio and Mike threatens to make a scene. So Julia walks out. That’s not reason enough? Okay, how about him calling her house only for Frank to answer the phone and invite him over for a beer. Still no? How about her telling Frank she’s going for a walk (at 10pm) and meeting Mike at the studio after hours. They ended up shirtless and uh, rehearsing some love scenes of their own on the couch. Thought that might get you. But it’s okay because like Michael says, “nobody has to know.” Except Leo. Who already does.The next day in rehearsals the two are all smiles towards each other as Michael has to pretend to have sex with Ivy on the very couch he and Julia christened last night. Oh, the irony.

One good thing that came out of the affair (did I really just write that?) is that whatever it is she’s feeling about Michael helped her to finally get rid of that writer’s block. This made Derek happy and made Tom even more suspicious. He did tell her to stop, what like five times already? Another person it made happy, Eileen. She has investors coming to see a run through of the work shop and needs a finished project. Obviously. She’s also been hanging out with Ellis which is a pairing that is probably not going to lead to anything good. I kind of can’t wait.

What do you think about Julia and Mike? Will they get caught? What do you think Bobby Raskin means for Karen?